Fedora Is Beginning To Spin Workstation & Live Images For POWER

Source: Phoronix

If you are running the likes of the Raptor Blackbird for a POWER open-source desktop and wanting to run Fedora on it, currently you need to use the Fedora “server” CLI installer and from there install the desired packages for a desktop. But moving forward, Fedora is beginning to spin Workstation and Live images for PPC64LE.

Complementing Fedora’s Power Architecture images of Fedora Everything and Fedora Server, Workstation and Live images are being assembled. This is much more convenient for those wanting an IBM POWER Linux desktop thanks to the success of the Raptor Blackbird with most Linux distributions just offering the server/CLI (non-desktop) images by default for PPC64LE.

Raptor’s Blackbird is currently the leading POWER9 desktop offering.

Currently the Fedora Workstation POWER image is being built against Rawhide but it looks like the Workstation image could be ready in time for this autumn’s Fedora 31 release.

More details in this thread on the Workstation/Live Fedora PPC64LE images. Current Fedora POWER images can be downloaded from alt.fedoraproject.org.

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