How to install Skype on Fedora 21 (when in China)

1. Install needed dependencies: $ sudo yum install alsa-lib.i686 fontconfig.i686 freetype.i686 glib2.i686 libSM.i686 libXScrnSaver.i686 libXi.i686 libXrandr.i686 libXrender.i686 libXv.i686 libstdc++.i686 pulseaudio-libs.i686 qt.i686 qt-x11.i686 zlib.i686 qtwebkit.i686 2. Download the Skype rpm via command line as follows: $ wget -c 3. Install Skype via command line: $ sudo yum localinstall skype- 4. Start using it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Migrating from Ubuntu to Fedora (the easy way!)

I used to be a fervent user of Ubuntu ever since I tried 8.04 but back then the desktop manager was based in GNOME. Ever since the switch to Unity, my Ubuntu experience was getting less and less friendly, so since 12.04, I started looking for alternatives. The only alternative that got my attention was … Read more

Lujiazui back in 2007

Back in the days when Shanghai World Trade Centre was still being built. [youtube=]

China visa changes could attract job-hunting IT pros

A change to Chinaโ€™s visa laws due to come into force this (northern) summer could make the Peopleโ€™s Republic a more attractive destination for ex-pat IT professionals up for the challenge, but the vital details on exactly which skills are needed are still being worked out. More on this article here.

How to get married in Shanghai? (From personal experience)

Yep, I have decided some time ago to tie the knot and getting married with my Chinese babe. Although marriage in China is an easy process, however getting all the necessary paperwork can be very time consuming and most of the information I found online at that time were either outdated or simply … wrong. … Read more