Don’t get the pitchforks yet, Apple devs: macOS third-party application clampdown probably not as bad as rumored

Source: The Register The v10.15 will bring tighter security, the escape hatch should remain open for now.   Imagine for a moment the possibility that macOS 10.15, due to arrive later this year, will run only apps signed with a valid Apple developer certificate, with no option to white-list unsigned apps via the company’s Gatekeeper … Read more

Huawei has its own mobile OS ready in case it ever needs to ditch Android

Source: BGR Given the embattled state of affairs at Huawei these days, it should probably come as no surprise that the Chinese smartphone brand finds itself thinking about major what-ifs and emergency scenarios even as it very much tries to maintain a business-as-usual facade. Case in point? Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s consumer products … Read more

Why IBM Thinks Quantum Computers Will Boost Machine Learning

Source: Futurism But for now classical computers are still better. Quantum Leap When full-scale quantum computers finally arrive, they could give machine learning algorithms a major boost, letting the AI systems find hidden patterns in data that today’s best technology has no hope of spotting. At least, that’s the gist of research by IBM scientists, … Read more

IBM Cloud – not just for big business

Source: Offering multi-tenant and dedicated bare metal environments gives organisations required assurances  Declan Hussey, DNA IT Solutions The way organisations consume technology is constantly evolving. As organisations’ appetite for technology adoption has increased, they want to consume these services on a strategic, managed basis. The cloud has enabled this, by removing many of the … Read more

IBM Thinks About Storage

Source: Forbes IBM CEO Ginni Rometty on stage at IBM Think.  IBM Think, one of the industry’s premier technology events, recently wrapped up in San Francisco. Braving unusually wet weather, nearly thirty thousand attendees packed into conference rooms and exhibit halls to hear what IBM Corporation had to say about its vision of the future. … Read more

IBM takes on Alzheimer’s disease with machine learning

Source: ZDNet IBM hopes ML can provide the framework for a way to diagnose the illness without the need for spinal fluid extraction. IBM has introduced machine learning (ML) to the diagnostics field in the hopes that one day these technologies may assist in the creation of stable and effective diagnostic tests for early-onset Alzheimer’s. … Read more

European “AI startups” aren’t actually using AI

Source: itproportal Nearly half of firms fail to employ AI despite extolling its virtues. A shockingly high number of firms purporting to be AI-powered don’t appear to actually use the technology at all, a new report has found. A study by London-based venture capital firm MMC found that 40 per cent of European startups classified … Read more

IBM touts contingency plans as Brexit looms

Source: ITPRO Customers must be ready to change the way they use IBM products and data in the event of a no-deal IBM is preparing for a no-deal Brexit deal by warning there could be a knock-on effect to businesses, including delayed shipments and changes to how data would be moved between data centres. The … Read more

After-school service extension will help working parents

Source: SHINE Public primary schools in the city will extend free after-class service by one hour to 6pm from March 20 to help families who can’t pick up their children when regular classes end, according to a new regulation released on Friday. The regulation, jointly released by the city’s education commission, finance bureau and human … Read more