How to Change Your Display Name on Gmail

Source: How-To-Geek When you send an email from your Gmail account, your display name (along with other information) will be shown to the recipient. You can change the display name associated with your Gmail account in a few steps. Here’s how. You can only change the name on your Gmail account on a desktop browser. … Read more

A Gmail and Google Drive outage is causing errors around the world

Source: Engaget Most people are having trouble when they try to upload files. Can’t send something on Gmail? If so then you’re in good company, ever since about midnight ET, people have been complaining about issues connecting to many of the G suite services, but especially Gmail. The Google apps status page just updated to confirm they’ve received … Read more

AWS, Microsoft and Google push on with hybrid cloud strategies

Source: SearchCloudComputing As enterprises’ appetite for hybrid cloud grows, the rivalry between AWS, Microsoft, and Google will increasingly revolve around on-premises environments. Initially, public cloud growth stemmed largely from the demand of startups, particularly content and social media companies. But now, enterprise demand has spurred the creation of hybrid cloud technologies based on cloud-native services … Read more