Applying for a “PU Invitation Letter”

A frequent question being asked by foreigners stuck outside of China is how to obtain a “PU Invitation Letter,” required for a related visa to come to China. In this article that I co-authored, we will explain the process and the required documents as well as who can apply the letter. For more details, please … Read more

Nationality of Children Born in China

In this article, we will talk about what nationality can children born in China get. We will address two situations: one in which a baby is born to two foreign parents The other where one parent is Chinese This article is hosted on WeChat and accessible from here.

How To Verify Your Overseas Degree in China

This article serves as a base guide to the requirements for foreigners to get their degree “verified” through the Chinese Government system for a work permit application in China. It is particularly useful that foreigners can have their degree verified in China by a Chinese government office that authenticates degrees for Chinese nationals. To go to … Read more