Commissioner’s office of Chinese foreign ministry in HK to simplify visa application for people inoculated with Chinese vaccines

China announced on Friday that it would waive a COVID-19 test and health form requirement for foreigners applying for visas to the mainland from Hong Kong if they have been vaccinated with a Chinese-made vaccine. Aside from a vaccination certificate, the above-mentioned foreign nationals and their family members visiting the Chinese mainland for resuming work … Read more

Q&A Regarding China’s Recent Residence Permit Entry

From September 28, 2020, foreign nationals holding valid residence permits for work, family reunions, or personal affairs may be allowed entry to China. However, those who had their residence permits in those approved categories but expired after March 28, 2020, may apply for a new entry visa at a Chinese embassy or consulate. This announcement … Read more

How To Verify Your Overseas Degree in China

This article serves as a base guide to the requirements for foreigners to get their degree “verified” through the Chinese Government system for a work permit application in China. It is particularly useful that foreigners can have their degree verified in China by a Chinese government office that authenticates degrees for Chinese nationals. To go to … Read more

My China life experience

With close to 14 years under my belt from living in China, I have been co-authoring articles related to China Visa and Laws that address most of the concerns and questions that foreigners living in China have.As those articles have been published on the WeChat platform, I will be publishing posts that will direct you … Read more

China to issue new versions of visas from June 1

Source: ECNS China’s new foreigner visa is set to be launched June 1. (Photo/National Immigration Administration)   The exit-entry departments of China’s public security authorities will start issuing new versions of visas and residence permits for foreigners from Saturday. The current versions will no longer be issued on the same day, while the documents already … Read more

Shanghai’s entrepreneur visa attracts foreigners

Source: China Daily Lars Traaholt Vagnes, co-founder of Nusic, an AI-enabled virtual DJ platform in Shanghai. [Photo provided to China Daily] Shanghai has in recent years unveiled several measures to facilitate foreigners obtain entrepreneur visas and set up startups to encourage them to launch their business plans in the city. Since mid-2015, foreigners graduating from … Read more

How to Check if Recruiter is SCAM in CHINA.

Source: ExpatLife Beware that the China con artists are not all Chinese. Many are foreigners that employ blind ads spammed all over the internet, really awesome web sites, and both testimonials and “review” sites that are all self-generated or paid for.  Many falsely affiliate themselves with SAFEA or some famous university because they know you are too … Read more

No, China Did Not Announce Those Scary New Visa Rules

Source: That’s Mag Talk about an April Fool’s prank gone wrong. An ‘alarming’ document made waves on expat WeChat groups on Monday, April 1, stating that immigration rules have been put in place that “will affect the majority of expats.” While we’ve certainly witnessed some rapid changes to China’s visa policy over the past few … Read more