How To Verify Your Overseas Degree in China

This article serves as a base guide to the requirements for foreigners to get their degree “verified” through the Chinese Government system for a work permit application in China. It is particularly useful that foreigners can have their degree verified in China by a Chinese government office that authenticates degrees for Chinese nationals. To go to … Read more

Changing times for expat positions in China

Source: Relocate Global Why is China becoming increasingly attractive to European expats – and what are the top jobs for foreign workers?   The change in opportunities for expat professionals in China has been highlighted this week by the 2019 Job Fair for Foreigners in Beijing. What are the top jobs for expats in China? … Read more

How to Check if Recruiter is SCAM in CHINA.

Source: ExpatLife Beware that the China con artists are not all Chinese. Many are foreigners that employ blind ads spammed all over the internet, really awesome web sites, and both testimonials and “review” sites that are all self-generated or paid for.  Many falsely affiliate themselves with SAFEA or some famous university because they know you are too … Read more