Flights to China from Canada

This page lists all available flights to China from Canada.

Due to the stringent QR code requirements from the Chinese embassy, we will only list direct flights.

TorontoGuangzhouChina SouthernCZ312Saturdays Starting September 4
ShanghaiAir CanadaAC27 (*)Sundays
China EasternMU208Saturdays
Xi’anHainan AirlinesHU7976Sundays
VancouverBeijingAir ChinaCA998Thursdays
ChengduSichuan Airlines3U8502Wednesdays
GuangzhouChina SouthernCZ330Wednesdays
NanjingChina EasternMU216Tuesdays
ShanghaiAir CanadaAC25Tuesdays & Fridays
XiamenXiamen AirlinesMF806Tuesdays
ZhengzhouAir ChinaCA998Thursdays
(*): technical stop at Seoul