Available Flights to China from South Korea

This page list all flights to China from South Korea. Due to the Chinese embassy’s stringent health QR code requirements and consulates, I am only showing direct flights.

SeoulBeijingAir ChinaCA124Fridays
ChangchunAsianaOZ303 Tuesdays
Jeju Air 7C8905
NanjingAsiana OZ349Sundays (Nanjing Airport is ongoing renovations)
GuangzhouChina SouthernCZ3062Thursdays
Korean AirKE865Wednesdays
ShenyangChina SouthernCZ682Sundays
Korean Air KE831Fridays
HangzhouAir ChinaCA140Tuesdays
ShanghaiChina EasternMU5042Fridays
Spring Airlines9C8570Mondays
ShenzhenShenzhen AirlinesZH9032Wednesdays
YantaiShandong AirlinesSC4708Thursdays
Air SeoulRS831
QingdaoShandong AirlinesSC4088Fridays
Qingdao AirlinesQW9902Saturdays & Sundays
Air Seoul RS821Tuesdays
TianjinKorean Air KE805Tuesdays
WeihaiJeju Air7C8501Wednesdays
WuhanT’Way AirTW615Wednesdays
Jeju IslandXi’anJin AirLJ171Thursdays & Saturdays
ShanghaiSpring Airlines9C8570Mondays