Available Flights to China from USA

This page list all flights to china from USA. Due to the Chinese embassy’s stringent health QR code requirements and consulates, I am only showing direct flights.

DallasShanghaiAmerican AirlinesAA127Wednesdays & Sundays
DetroitShanghaiDelta AirlinesDL283 (*)Mondays & Fridays
Los AngelesBeijingAir ChinaCA988Mondays
GuangzhouChina SouthernCZ328Saturdays and Mondays
ShenzhenAir ChinaCA770Tuesdays
XiamenXiamen AirlinesMF830Wednesdays & Sundays
New YorkShanghaiChina EasternMU588Mondays & Wednesdays
San FranciscoShanghaiUnited AirlinesUA857 (*)Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays
SeattleShanghaiDelta AirlinesDL289 (*)Wednesdays & Fridays
(*): layover in Seoul without leaving the plane