Travel Restrictions in China Mainland, HK, Macao and Taiwan

This page lists the travel restrictions in Greater China Region: China Mainland, Hong Kong S.A.R, Macao S.A.R and Taiwan as specified by the UK’s Foreign travel advice.

RegionEntry StatusDetailed Regulations
Mainland ChinaStrict Entry RequirementsVisa Requirements:
Eligibility for visas for travel to China remains restricted. At present, visas are issued for:
– Applicants who have obtained an “Invitation Letter” or “Verification Confirmation of Invitation” issued by a provincial foreign affairs office or department of commerce (M or F visa)
– Applicants who have obtained a “Notification Letter of Foreigners Work Permit” (Z visa)
– Applicants intending to visit a family member with a Z, M, or F visa
– Applicants intending to visit a family member who is a Chinese citizen or who holds a Chinese permanent residence permit
– Applicants (including dependents) who qualify for a high-level talent (R) visa
– Applicants who qualify for a C visa

– Following health checks upon arrival, you will be required to enter quarantine in a centralized facility for at least 5 days; if you have suitable accommodation, you may be permitted to complete an additional 3 days of quarantine at home.
– If your accommodation is deemed unsuitable, your quarantine will be completed in a centralized facility. The traveler will be responsible for all quarantine costs. Quarantine requirements can change quickly and differ between provinces.
– Children 14 and older will be required to quarantine alone at some points of entry, regardless of whether they test positive or negative for COVID-19.
– If one of you tests positive for coronavirus, you may be separated from your child.

COVID-19 Testing:
– To obtain an HDC from the Chinese Embassy, you must show proof of two COVID-19 PCR tests taken 48 hours before your trip. One of the tests must be completed within 24 hours of your departure. The two tests must be performed 24 hours apart in different testing intuitions. You can use any legal testing facility that can perform a PCR test and provide a full report.
– If you have had COVID within the last 14 days, you will not be able to receive an HDC.
– If you have previously been diagnosed with COVID, you must upload two additional negative nucleic acid test reports with a 24-hour interval at least 14 days before your departure date.
– Travelers may get their code online.
Hong Kong S.A.R.Low Entry Requirements– Hong Kong residents and vaccinated non-Hong Kong residents may enter the city.
– Inbound travelers are no longer required to undergo quarantine at a designated quarantine hotel as of September 26.
– Inbound travelers must undergo three days of medical surveillance at home or another self-arranged location.
– Arrivals may leave their residences during these three days, but they will be restricted from certain premises, including restaurants and bars, under the Vaccine Pass scheme.
– Until the seventh day after arrival, multiple PCR tests and daily rapid antigen tests are required.
– Travelers departing for Hong Kong must provide a negative rapid antigen test result for COVID-19 obtained no more than 24 hours before departure.
– They must submit an online Health & Quarantine Information Declaration in advance, confirming their rapid test result and vaccination record where applicable, and present a declaration QR code generated during check-in.
– More information is available on the website of the Hong Kong SAR Government.
Macau S.A.R.Strict Entry RequirementsResidents of Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or mainland China, as well as visitors from 41 countries, are permitted entry. Travelers to Macao will no longer be required to show proof of vaccination beginning August 18.

On-site testing and screening:
– Macao has implemented a QR three-color code system, which replaces the previous digital health declaration required at border checkpoints and when entering government buildings, casinos, and other venues.
– The new code, which consists of three colors: red, yellow, and green, requires users to confirm whether they have been in COVID-19 quarantine at home or in a government-run facility.
– Visitors who receive a red or yellow code may be subjected to testing, hospitalization, or movement restrictions.

Quarantine Requirements:
– Travelers who have visited Hong Kong or Taiwan within the last 10 days must have a certificate of a negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test performed within the last 24 hours and must report to a designated location for up to 7 days of medical observation upon arrival in Macao.
– Travelers arriving from Mainland China must show proof of a negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test performed within the last 7 days, or within the last 24 hours if entering from Zhuhai, Guangdong.
– The Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region has imposed additional restrictions on arrivals from specific locations in Mainland China.
– Travelers arriving from specific foreign countries must have a certificate of a negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test result obtained within the last 48 hours and will be subject to up to 7 days of medical observation.
– The Macao Government Tourism Office has more information on quarantine requirements.
TaiwanLow Entry Requirements– Taiwan reinstated visa-free entry for certain nationalities beginning September 12, 2022, according to the Central Epidemic Command Centre.
– Tourism, international exchanges, and business activities are permitted under this scheme.
– Passengers entering Taiwan under the visa-free entry scheme must comply with the screening and quarantine requirements outlined below.

Screening on Arrival:
– The Central Epidemic Command Center has announced that beginning September 29, 2022, all passengers arriving in Taiwan will no longer be required to undergo a COVID-19 PCR test.
– Passengers who believe they may have contracted COVID-19, or who have experienced any suspected COVID-19 symptoms in the 14 days preceding their arrival in Taiwan, must contact airport personnel for immediate medical assistance.
– Passengers arriving in Taiwan from abroad now have the option of taking a quarantine taxi or having a friend or relative pick them up from the airport and transport them to their pre-arranged quarantine accommodation.
– Anyone caught evading or obstructing quarantine measures may face a fine ranging from NT$10,000 to NT$150,000, as well as additional criminal charges.

Quarantine Requirements:
– The Central Epidemic Command Center has announced that the mandatory quarantine requirement for international arrivals in Taiwan will be replaced by a 7-day self-initiated epidemic prevention period beginning on October 13, 2022.
– A maximum of 150,000 arrivals per week will be permitted into Taiwan.
– Passengers arriving in Taiwan before October 13, 2022, must adhere to the mandatory quarantine requirements outlined below.
– International arrivals are quarantined for three days, followed by a four-day self-initiated epidemic prevention period (previously called self-health management).
– The day you arrive is considered day zero. At the moment, there is a weekly limit of 50,000 arrivals into Taiwan.
– Passengers aged 2 and up will receive four self-administered rapid COVID-19 test (rapid test) kits upon arrival.
– A rapid test will be required on day 0 or day 1 and day 3 of your mandatory quarantine period.
– If you choose to stay in your quarantine accommodation for the entire four-day self-initiated epidemic prevention (SIE) period after quarantine, you will not be required to take another rapid test.
– If you decide to leave your quarantine accommodation during the four-day period, you will be required to take additional rapid tests at no more than 48-hour intervals.
– Those who leave their accommodations on day 4 must take tests on days 5 and 7. (the test on day 3 covers the first day of the SIE period).
– You should use the instructions provided to send the results of your rapid test to the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC).
– The four rapid COVID-19 test kits will be paid for by the local governments.
– Passengers who are eligible and choose to complete their mandatory quarantine at their home rather than a quarantine hotel or a designated quarantine facility must declare that their home meets quarantine requirements.
Source: Foreign travel advice UK