Application for certificate of non-impediment for marriage

This article explains how to apply for the certificate of non-impediment from the Tunisian Embassy in Beijing.

Please note that for marriage registration in China, some locations require the non-impediment certificate to be issued in Tunisia then authenticated by the Chinese embassy in Tunis so double check first before asking the Tunisian embassy for this paper.

For more details on foreigners’ marriage registration in China, please check the article I published here.

Conditions for delivery:

  • The applicant must be a Tunisian national
  • The applicant has a consular card with the Tunisian embassy in Beijing (the procedure to apply for the consular card is here)


  • Copy of the passport and the residence permit in China (both have to be valid at the time of the application)
  • Copy of the national ID card (front and back)
  • Birth certificate with the date of issue not exceeding three months and legalized by the ministry of foreign affairs in Tunisia.

The application has to be submitted in person or via an agent.

If you wish to receive the certificate of non-impediment by mail, please make sure to submit a written and signed request in that regard.