Application for Non-Criminal Record (Bulletin Numero 3)

This article will highlight how to apply for Non-Criminal Record (B3) at the Tunisian Embassy in Beijing.

Please note that the Non-Criminal Record issued by the Tunisian Embassy in Beijing can NOT be used (as is) for work permit applications in tier-1 cities in China (except in Shanghai) as the Chinese authorities there require the Non-Criminal Record to be authenticated by the Chinese Embassy in Tunisia.

An alternative is to apply by yourself for a Non-Criminal Record at the following URL:, then apply for legalization of the document using the procedure here (Section   “Authentication of the signature”).

For any other purposes, you can refer to this procedure.

Conditions for delivery:

The applicant must meet the following requirements:

      1. The applicant is a Tunisian national
      2. The applicant has registered with the Tunisian embassy in Beijing (the procedure to apply for the consular card is here)

        مطلب بطاقة عدد 3



      • Fill in one of the forms above and sign it.
      • Copy of the national ID card (front and back)
      • Copy of the passport and residence permit in China
      • Consular fee

If you would like to receive your non-criminal record by mail, please also submit a written and signed request in that regard.

Please note that it takes at least a month (up to two months in some cases) to get the Non-Criminal Record.