[Updated] Application for Tunisian Passport in China

This article will introduce the procedure for first-time application, renewal, and replacement of damaged or lost Tunisian passport with the Tunisian Embassy in Beijing.

The general conditions to apply for a Tunisian passport abroad are:

      1. The applicant is a Tunisian national
      2. The applicant has a consular card with the Tunisian embassy in Beijing (the procedure to apply for the consular card is here)

The documents required are as follows:

– Fill in the NEW passport application form (make sure to fill it in in both Arabic and French):


– Copy of the Tunisian National ID card if the applicant is older than 18 years old.

Note: If your occupation changed from a student (at the time of getting your ID card) to work, then you can still submit your passport renewal application, but you will need to update your national ID card when you go to Tunisia)

The procedure for updating the data on your national ID card is available here (in Arabic).

– Birth certificate if the applicant is younger than 18 years old.

– (04) passport photos that meet ALL of the following requirements below:

WeChat Screenshot_20200810120714

– Signed parental authorization if the applicant is younger than 18 years old:

– Student enrollment certificate if you are studying in China

– Employment certificate if you are working in China

– Copy of the residence permit in China

– Copy of the currently valid consular card

– Current passport if you are applying for renewal or duplicate of a damaged passport

– Police Report if you are reporting the loss of your Tunisian passport (you may refer to this article here to know how to request such a report)

– High definition color copy of all pages of the current passport if you want to retain it during the renewal

– Submit a written request to return the old passport and the new one (essential to apply for the China visa/residence permit renewal!!). Below is a template of such request form:


– Consular fee (click here)

Once all the documents ready, you may mail the application to the Tunisian Embassy for processing; the embassy will return your old passport to you if the color copy of all pages is readable and without any issues.

Once the new passport is ready, you will need to resend the old passport back to the embassy for cancellation, and the embassy will return you both documents along with a letter of receipt of the new passport as shown below:

WeChat Screenshot_20200810120827

If the above material is missing, then contact the embassy ASAP to request a copy. This letter is essential to transfer the current residence permit from the old to the new passport within ten working days or risk paying a fine at the local Public Security Bureau. If you are not familiar with the transfer procedure, you can read about it here.

If you are not in Beijing, you will need to mail the application to the Tunisian Embassy in Beijing. You may find the mail address in this article here.