Important notice from the Chinese Embassy in Tunisia regarding the adjustment of health code acceptance requirements

At present, the global outbreak of the COVID-19 is still severe. The risk of cross-infection on international travel is relatively high. The Chinese Embassy in Tunisia recommends that Chinese citizens in Tunisia avoid any “non-essential and non-urgent” travel.

To ensure the health and safety of those travelers and consolidate the hard-won results of epidemic prevention and control, the health code acceptance requirements will be adjusted as follows starting from 0:00 March 1st, 2021:

1. Transit through only one country: To avoid the risk of cross-infection, please make sure to transit through only one country. When applying for a health code, you must upload the full Tunisia – transit country- China itinerary. Make sure to know in advance the Chinese embassy’s requirements or consulate at the transit country to avoid the risk of cancellation of the connecting flight which could result in being stranded and at risk of deportation.

2. All Chinese passengers working for China-funded enterprises and projects in Tunisia (including temporary assignees) and planning to go back to China should be isolated in a single room at least 14 days before departure, avoid any unnecessary outings and external contact after completing nucleic acid and antibody testing until boarding, and while waiting at the transit airport.

3. Report truthfully regarding the history of infection, close contact, and other circumstances. Do not try to conceal the illness and forge proof. For those who have tested positive for IgM and IgG antibodies as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine, please submit a vaccination certificate or a description of the vaccination administrated..

4. For those who have been infected with COVID-19, recovered and need to travel to China: They will be required to provide the Embassy with a diagnostic certificate from the local hospital containing CT or X-ray results of the lungs, as well as a proof of negative nucleic acid testing (sampling interval of at least 24 hours). If the above conditions are met, a negative certificate of nucleic acid and IgM antibody testing must be provided within 48 hours of boarding and after 14 days of self-isolation and health monitoring.

The Chinese embassy will not issue health codes and health status declarations if you do not meet the requirements above.