New Health code Application by the Chinese Embassy in Tunisia

At present, the global outbreak of the COVID-19 is still severe. The risk of cross-infection on international travel is relatively high. The Chinese Embassy in Tunisia recommends that Chinese citizens in Tunisia avoid any “non-essential and non-urgent” travel.

Chinese Embassy in Tunisia

To ensure the health and safety of those travelers and consolidate the hard-won results of epidemic prevention and control, the health code acceptance requirements by the Chinese embassy in Tunisia will be adjusted as follows starting from 0:00 June 30, 2022:

I. General provisions

Travelers wishing to travel to China by plane from Tunisia, must obtain the negative results of dual PCR tests carried out in Tunisia and request a health QR code in green color respectively from the Embassy of China in Tunisia and the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the last country of transit to China.

II. Steps for travelers departing from Tunisia

  1. Travelers need to take two PCR tests for COVID-19 within 48 hours of their departure from Tunisia in two different clinics, the 2nd of which must be within 24 hours of their departure from Tunisia and with an interval of more than 24 hours from the 1st one.
  2. The Chinese Embassy in Tunisia no longer has designated laboratories, travelers can be tested at any of the laboratories recognized by the Tunisian authorities. However, tests carried out in pharmacies are not valid.
  3. Travelers may take flights with stopovers in third countries. They are required to carry out the “double PCR” tests and to request the QR code in Tunisia and in the last country of transit to China.
  4. Travelers who have been infected with COVID-19 are required to obtain the negative results of 2 PCR tests carried out more than 24 hours apart before doing a home quarantine for 14 days and performing 2 PCR tests again within 48 hours before boarding. They will have to upload all 4 reports when applying for the health QR code.
  5. Travelers who have been close contacts, or have suspected symptoms, ”indeterminate” PCR test results , or PCR test Ct valued “grey area”, please conduct self-health monitoring for 5 days. If there is no abnormality during the period, the passenger can follow the regular process to apply for Health Declaration Certificate after completing the self-health monitoring.

III. Steps to follow to request the health QR code

  1. After getting the negative test results, please access the health QR code system website:
  2. Please complete the information online and upload, at least 12 hours prior to boarding, the following documents:
    1. Copy of the passport ID page
    2. Entry stamp in Tunisia (for travelers transiting via Tunisia);
    3. Negative PCR test reports carried out within 48 hours prior to boarding;
    4. The e-ticket for the complete itinerary to China (i.e: Tunisia – transit country – China);
    5. Vaccination Certificate (for vaccinated travelers);
    6. Travelers who have been infected with COVID-19 are requested to present the additional files according to part 4 of section II above.
  1. The Chinese Embassy in Tunisia will process the applications, and issue the health QR code in green color with the “HDC” mark (for foreign travelers).

IV. Notes

  1. Please follow pandemic prevention measures before boarding and during travel to avoid delay in boarding or being stranded in transit due to infection.
  2. The Chinese Embassy in Tunisia will process your application as soon as it is received, including weekends and public holidays.
  3. Please read this Important Notice carefully and comply with the above requirements.
  4. It is strongly advised to find out about the entry policies and testing conditions in the country of transit in advance to arrange travel and testing.
  5. The Chinese Embassy in Tunisia will process the health QR code requests according to the flight information. If you have any questions, please phone the embassy at 00216-71780064 (Hours: 09:00-12:30, 15:00-18:00). In order to facilitate the health QR code verification process, please do not call unless it is an emergency.